Privacy Policy

We don’t store your data while you browse our website, period. We have nowhere to store it. There is no server database to store to, because this website is a statically generated site witbout any dynamic content served from our servers.

We do save the emails that you send us. All your emails sent to [email protected] - directly or via the contact form - are stored on the email server and in the email clients installed on our desktop computers that are configured to download emails from the email server.

We employ the third-party Formspree plugin to allow you to submit the contact forms. However, our Formspree subscription is configured explicitly to prevent the data that you send to be stored by Formspree on its servers. The data travels between your computer and Formspree servers over an end-to-end secure connection. We receive the corresponding submission as an email from Formspree.

We do not use cookies to track website visitors. We use the third party Google Analytics analytics.js plugin to allow us a form of traffic statistic collection. However, we disable cookies that would allow website visits to be linkable, by setting storage to none in the create command, as detailed here:

If you find that any aspect of our website contradicts the statements on this page, please contact us urgently at [email protected].